Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fresh Beat Band!

Saturday we're driving more than four hours to take you to see the Fresh Beat Band. You LOVE them (especially Kiki) and are so excited to see them "Live in Concert". Every time they play a song on TV, you jump up and start dancing and singing. Dad and I look at each other behind your back and tell each other - just with our eyes - how awesome and cute we think you are. We're headed to the concert on Saturday, but we're actually telling you that we're not going until next Saturday. Hopefully the delayed date will dampen the anticipation and you'll be able to get a good sleep the night before. And, we just got a cool star glo-stick for you to use at the concert! I hope it's all that you're hoping it's going to be...I'll post some pictures for you after we get home. Have a great time, love bug!

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