Saturday, February 18, 2012

TONIGHT the Tooth Fairy is Visiting OUR House!

Well, tonight it finally happened. You lost your TOOTH! And you're so excited about it, which is super fun for Dad and me. You were just sitting there, watching your TV show before bed, and you said, "Mommy, I sure wish my tooth would fall out tonight. Look - I can push it backwards now!" So I told you that when we went to the bathroom to brush your teeth, I 'd check out the tooth and see what I could do.

As luck would have it, I was able to turn the tooth around...but I just couldn't get a strong enough grasp to pull it out! So I ran upstairs to get a pair of my jewelry pliers. The little pliers fit perfectly, and the tooth pulled out easily. A little blood, but no pain. I wish we'd have taken a video because the expression on your face was priceless.

I am so excited for you - you were SO proud that your tooth came out! And I can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings to you tonight...I love you, little girl.

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