Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Well, you STILL haven't lost that tooth, but it sure is loose! I can't believe it's hanging on...but hanging it is. Every day you wiggle it and wiggle it and try to make it fall out. You're hoping that the tooth fairy will bring you a toy (a car, truck or plane) and were a bit disappointed when I told you that I only remember the tooth fairy bringing coins and maybe a trinket or two, but no toys. Bummer. But still...exciting that a fairy is going to visit your house! Here is a photo of you covering your loose tooth with your lip - you crack me up, little girl.

For Valentine's Day, you colored a pretty picture for Dad and we made him a cute heart note to go with it. But the highlight of your day was when you discovered that Princess Mouse had a present - with a heart note attached - for you in her cage! This is our third mouse, I think (we caught her outside near the shop). We decided to call her Princess Mouse because we thought that this special name might give Mousie some magical powers...and guess what? It did! Apparently, she can summon her powers and make little Kael presents magically appear in her cage every once in a while (or, does she actually escape and then bring them back? We're not sure...). It'll be interesting to see how often this happens, although not often enough for you, I'm sure. It is SO MUCH FUN to see little life events through your eyes - it makes every day top the one before...

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