Monday, February 6, 2012

First Loose Tooth

I've been thinking a lot lately about this journal that I started for you so long ago...and haven't kept up with AT ALL. And I've decided that I'm going to try to post something here, no matter how short, at least once a week. It occurred to me that if something happens to me, you'll have nothing written down to look at when you're older to tell you how incredibly much you mean to me. And I can't bear the thought of that. If nothing else, I want you to know that even if I'm not around I'm always nearby watching over you, loving you, protecting you.

And today, you gave me the perfect thing to write about...your FIRST loose tooth! I can't believe that you're barely five years old and already your bottom right middle tooth is loose. This is really freaking your dad and me out a little bit. You're our little girl...surely you're not old enough to loose a tooth? This leads to thoughts of braces, puberty, boyfriends...and things we're just not ready to think about yet. So we have to remind each other that this is just your first loose tooth and it doesn't have anything to do with chasing away your first boyfriend after we catch him trying to steal a kiss from you. That is, hopefully, many, many years down the road.

And, my precious little one, are SO excited about your first loose tooth! You've been really sick the past few days, and after you noticed your loose tooth, you perked right up. The first visit from the Tooth Fairy is incredibly exciting! You're hoping that you'll get enough money to buy yourself a toy...and I think with this first tooth, the Tooth Fairy is quite likely to oblige that request. In fact, I think she's already making plans so she won't be caught unprepared in case the tooth falls out quickly. I'm just curious to see if the amount that she pays for teeth has changed since I was a kid...

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